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Pesky Thing

Old is routinely coming

It visits much too often

Understanding the need

The drive to radically alter

No surgeon, no makeup

Hair, nails pampering – allowed

Hello? They appear in mirror

Four facial criminals – Hair

Pretty nails proceed with plucking

All but one evicted – pesky thing



Fell several times on padded backside

Thus opened the door – unknowingly

Pins and needles, arrived – annoying 

It’s not slowing me down, says prideful self

Foolish choice, true to form – ignore, ignore

Months with aggressively violent guest

Invaded with numbness, weakness , pain

Medically tested and scanned – finally dubbed

Lumbar radiculopathy L-5 pinched nerve

Eviction of nuisance? Not easy but it will be done

Writer or symptoms – someone must move

My greatest non-human love

Consistently there from day 1

Stained by sorrowful tears

Bearing the brunt of raging limbs

Witness to pleasant and avant-garde dreams

Partner when the downs are my skin

How ill I am – you know all too well

Prompt up upon you now – writer writes

It’s tragic when I leave my bed

The Principled No

Beautifully virile troublemaker
Housed in fantasizing head
Therefore lives a secret yearning
Until a smile – in real life
Smile parts to issue flirtatious verses
Invitation for carnal fulfillment arrives
Walk through his temptation door
And then the ruin escapes his mouth
He’s a Democrat who voted for Trump!


In spurts and droplets
In torrent floods
Letters questionably unite
Give birth to insightful words
Words wiggling about seeking form
Within crippled yet stubborn brain
Defending rights to be renamed
Frightened Poet sobs on page
One laborious, well penned poem
Now create again

Enemy Stairs

Passed through you easily
Many happy days ago
No contention at all … until
Lower extremities died, perhaps?
No – just suicidal for a time
Dear physical terrorist arrives
Lifting, pushing, lecturing away
Walker, nothing, commode, cane
Face you again and again
Terror hits relentlessly
That’s where I fell multiple times
Clutch railing, sob with all steps
Feel Sun and Wind embrace me
Walk like a crippled writer
Ignore the awful truth for a while
I have to go back again

Wicked weakness, you engulfed me
Strange hands handled me
I didn’t know or want it
Awake and asleep .. possibly
Nightmare is real
Traitors are obsolete legs, feet
Stuttering mouth follows
Mind betrayal too? No! Make it end!
Memories, logic,  neglected words
Unjustly they turn away
Why did coma come visit me
Ah yes, culpable prescribed lithium