Category: Nature

Option Two

Crying due to the strength of a push
It was a gust of cruel wind!
I was an assaulted infant and so I cried
Human comfort came quickly and so I cried
Years made my bones and skin stretch
Push, strikes and fierce gravity
Take it and give back … you are grown.
You’ve been hurt and know your role! Cry, cry
Spiteful laughter and heartless remarks GOD NO!
Human comfort died as I grew .. chose option #2
Will my flesh away via stubborn chants, prayers
Remembering Wind rides above all human frailties



With blazing splendor, ostentatious noise .. is this really our hope
Conjured excitement or perhaps programmed response
Happy humans in earshot – smile, laugh, leap into a ridiculous atmosphere
Heart and mind are worshipping the cold newness of their sky
Exposed hands protest the tundra treatment – arthritic rudeness equals end
Scuttling, embracing and predictions in full view – for lunar-earth summation
Nonetheless, Birth the androgynous child – named two-thousand seventeen

Fortunately Wronged

A plethora of laughable apologies
Though no wrong was ever done
Glaring eyes birthed from rubenesque form
Add the pouty mouth – speaking only truth
Honestly seeking decadent sustenance
Forgive and mockingly repeat – still undulating lifeform is coveted
Ambassador of yes will maim all detestable nos
Riders of the fence will utter fat and slutty whore
From there comes an ostentatious shriek filled with gluttony – reaffirming good things
Freedom is not for all – some prefer personal dungeon

Earthly Fantasy

Meager mound wishes to be more – poor dear
Proud imposing pinnacle of something – blessed with up
It may be awful or bothersome to world
No matter, says the bump on the ground
Curse every foot that disregards its humble existence
A bit of growth to alien sky – how is this?
Once forgetful soil now beloved leafy green

Enemy, Naturally

These trees are treacherous

In ominous nocturnal numbers

They screech to bipeds via willing owls

Prone to housing the creepy and crawly 

Awful barked giants well rooted in time

Perhaps I could be a mobile ally

Forget my proposed bark-skin truce

Logistically impossible trunk to climb




Logistical Objections

New and hearty PC – a costly lie

Motherboard spark, seizing betrayal

Trusty muse-clicking Remington typewriter 

Easily forgotten cursed yesterday ribbons

Fine crafted pen glides upon textured page

Now cornered by edits in doubting mind

Retro pencils complete with erasers

Heavy-handed verses snap away its maker

Worded genius only uttered to the Bard’s sky

Naturally, ungodly tempest protests such a launch

Perhaps simple thought won’t produce a tumor



Humid Night

Between receiving earth and laughing space

Molecular questions are raised

Exquisite freefalling droplets rife with intent

Rain battles then marries a terra floor heat

What mystic scent and coating nature indeed

Invading all with an aerial, magic will

Sinister friend – dear humid night


Jump, leap, lunge – again

Mr. Sky is dressed in night

Arms intensely stretched out  

Pluck one moon or a few stars

Please, black velvet void – slight beg

Jump, leap harder – with more trust

Grownups chuckle at childish goal

Mr. Sky defiantly acquiesced 

Little conqueror has galaxy in a jar 


Childish windswept summer sands spoke freely

I heard them a million steps back – not forward

Uttering riddled verses with mixed human plots

Touch with more future than hand – and you won’t

See with more illusion than eyes – the sun is blinding

Accuse your excuses of stifling your waywardness

Laugh to the height of ridiculousness – in front of all

Thank some deity for the gift of being frivolously lost






Convinced she is slight in every manner

She addresses the mocking treacherous tides

The thunderous, white cap bullies call to capture

Unnecessary, she will abandon the cruelty of land

Pummeled, engulfed and buoyed – savage travel  

One to millions of miles and blue – perfectly claimed

Walking feet touch only a briny surface and laugh

Slight yet wise land-dweller succumbs to more life

No singing siren or childish dolphin becomes her form

Waif becomes many towering immortal waves