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Doggerel Cafe

Microscopic bits of a you-and-me sea

Dying quietly – free of fanfare

Let us be food stuff for the seen and unseen

Living – a silly state of conscienceness

Selfishly consume the food, drink and air of day

Caution – the small see all things relevent or not

Acknowledge – the large worship only their massiveness

Loathing both, all and myself – I take my leave



Well versed in the politics of comfort and discomfort

I tend to kill bitterness, resurrect it and kill it again

I prefer the fully naked fruits of laborious toil

So long as it doesn’t require my direction, feet or hands

I am well versed in the politics of lost and found

The lost and found is often an unstable eclectic me

Lost is not now nor ever was an enemy

Found equals the plantation of a combative being

How reasonably absurd to standard eyes and minds

Comformity is a little death, perhaps to only me

We Will See

Gaze at the lights above

Forget the acts being done below

Count down from a useless ten

Am I better yet?

Are your educated hands proud?

Marred throat refuses even whimpers

Mind violently wants to know

Am I cured yet?

Answer is like lawyer speak

All is promising and we will see



Amputate from within

Dispose the disobedient innards

My partial part killer

How you bring a little death

To create an ease in life






Caramel colored Adonis face

Garbed in London wool gray

Exquisitely exhaling Parisian smoke

Through lambskin leather gloves

Sadly he refers to absurdity displayed

A series of poetic blood sprays (yeah, right)

grotesquely draped across a $5 canvass

In perfect straight face he announces

Starting price for Cruel Life is $100,000!

No flinch, no gasp, no eyebrows raised

Obscene amounts go flying to buy

Buy what? Some pretentious DNA?

And you, my dear Adonis dream-peddler

King snake oil grifter, how you shine



Unsanctimonious lizard utters a turd

I can turn you on baby

Take you back woods huntin’

Got my flatbed, rubbers and ice-cold beer

More assault weapons? I got ’em too

You’ll be safe with me, little cutie

C’mon baby. What da ya say?

That dirty talk just might work

On your cousin twice removed

I was looking for at least a 100 I.Q.

I’d rather be untainted and unarmed

And shot up in World War III

Than to have beer and deer blood stench

Embedded all over me

I would never join a club that accepted me

I mean … that accepted you

Of course, you’re my friend

You fart, belch and endlessly ramble

You’re an ape with semi-human grunts

Still, apes are rife with purpose

Blind loyalty and protection, true assets

And glowingly accentuate my cultured side

Cultured is the science project in my refrigerator!


I am not honored

by the rust that is you

Alleging yourself as white gold

Fathered by platinum

I will not look any closer

Toxic and slowly dying

Solitude is your rain




Powerful Distraction

In the tremendous wake of

A million alien thoughts

Psychotropic drug dreams

And tension cable muscles

There is a sickly but living poet

Seeking a powerful distraction

See How Productive I Am

Cooked a lovely dinner tonight

I am chronically infirmed

But I washed all laundry today

I silently screamed

All laundry in appointed places

Smiled as my angst mind races

Tidy up a few odds and ends

Sobbing the sobs of impatient patients

No worries, right? It’s only a biopsy!

Just another damn diagnostic test