Category: Miscellaneous

Perhaps One Win?

Wind blows for others and crawls for you

Ocean sprays for others yet crashes on you

Luck is good and fun, unless it’s headed to you

You’re accosted by expected disease

and happily certain in merciful death

Doctor says you’ll definitely live many years

And as always with you, in there lies the rub

Medicated bed and chronic discomfort for a mate

Clothed in bleached and starched garb

And all chant the same damn thing

‘Thank your lucky stars’ !


Nocturnal Nonsense

Bathing in the waters of ridiculous dimensions

and conversing with perplexed owls

All the while in a state of so-what nude

Let stolen leaves and moss barely clothe me

As I walk straight into a stern judging moon

Happily guilty, my childishly plea

Sentence is, of course, having to wake up




I have one cent

I have one dollar

Ten cents!

Ten dollars!

Twenty five cents

Twenty five thousand dollars!

I still have so much more than you

I’m richer than you, dummy

What good is wealth if you have no common sense (cents)

No benevolent savior is coming

There’s no safety line this time

Plan B is forgotten yet again

Forever escaped while you slept

Succinctly, you ran out of time

Sole resource is untrustworthy at best

Of course, you know sole resource is you

The End

We could have been happy

But you refused to leave

You leave. Not the money

The cash never said no to me

I’d rather sleep with my St. Bernard

He drools less than you

Oh now you want to tie me up!

I’m so not turned on by this

Are you burning my clothes?

Stop sawing my designer shoes!

Where’s my customized mini cooper?

Wait baby. Don’t leave me

Did you already pay the rent?



Band Of Ages

Mystical Northern Lights grace us

Fruitlessly yet happily I reach out

If immortality could be granted

This enamored soul would become

An undulating rhythmic band

Colored in Godly reds, blues and greens

Night guardian of frozen tundra and peaks

Mythmaker of ancient stories and dreams

The world is truly unworthynorthern lights





Crocheted black thong bikini

Naughty crimson crushed velvet cape

FM boots reaching mid-thigh wonders

Jet black nails, lips and hair

Comic-Con mistress needs no whip

She rules bearded geeks with a look

Navigating rooms on virgin backs

Faux vampire suitors in real coffins

Begging for Twilight sex

Dark mistress explodes with cackles

Then states, even if you were 18

My man has to be gainfully employed






Your precious rights

thrive underground

Shake righteous fist

at your empty crowd

Beloved boy is free at last

No earthly limits

No hateful air to breath

They are yours now

Grand lawful killer

with legal cross to bear

But you have your rights

To live in shadows of the free

With dangerous whispers and eyes

Outside secret locked windows and doors