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The Best Reason

Well-debated supplications

Utters love addicted soul

Prostrated before bored eyes

The target is fiercely annoyed

World’s greatest groveler

Tearfully accepts defeat – and yet

Humbly requests one kiss on cheek

No. I don’t like you at all.



My eyes are happily full

So truly astonished in joy

Sighting a soul-stirring view

Not what you think at all

No mountain top magnificence

No flawlessly smiling rose

No lovers embraced in forever

True beauty is far more comical

Old, wrinkled child engages

Young, diminutive warrior

To the neutral showers – or hoses

Tie is the end of the mud fight






Not Love

Kind, tender couple in the open 

Hailing from godly homes

Share undulating passions

Ceaselessly until retched dawn

Kiss, embrace – there is none

Eyes refuse to meet

Mouths sealed by indifference

Uninjured hearts know better

It was only physical, not love


Inked Escape

One monochrome world – limited dimension

So curiously safe – not safe at all

Shuffle through congested vistas

Cursory nods at vile dying vandals

Threshold to foreign human angles – please help

Bound wonders – perfumed in musty liberation

Gently adoring finger tips caress paged joy

Entranced, now open eyes go wider

Opinionated facts streaming into hollow mind

Agree or not  – subscribe or reject  

Involved in a penned thought world – success

Literary dweller – unfettered supreme traveler 

Apply pen to paper – soar across all skies








Good Friend

Partners in crime – minor and large

Thick as thieves – cliché but fervently true

Keepers of secrets – appallingly vile 

Trouble? No trouble at all

Of course, you can stay… as long as you need!

Feast upon all my food – dearest friend

Sleep on perfect comfort – better than outside

So glad I could help – I’m such a good friend

Few weeks (or years) crawl forward

Alleged friend – when is the end?

Haunting about and eating – no food at all!

Drug, pack possessions, ample trunk – the plan

Drive for hours to train station

$100 in glove and note on lapel

It’s been great having you – moving to Nepal

Rise Up

And the hawks, owls, eagles fervently envy

The height and depth of my flight – am I human

Consuming the fresh air – freedom is brisk

Blink a few times more and see – new truth

Dancing on ethereal floors  – joyful abandon

Awful truth makes the music stop – fear of trouble

Gravity returns from respite – terrible fall

The catalyst to amazing adventures – your love

Slayer of oppressive sorrow – again, your love 

Rise up with me, sweet love


Bright Speck Of Worry

Unprovoked villain rears its head

In forgotten human streams

Beneath the lovely, passive skin

Travelling throughout unauthorized

Torrent thoughts invade

Panic, rage, free-falling angst   

World screams and whirls

Still, knowing face is composed

Enemy is nothing, then stalking

And possibly all of clinical hell

Stage 0 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

You are a bright speck of worry





The Race

A thousand silent no’s – outward winner gets yes

Ten thousand hour days – must train like a Greek

One billion nerves may falter – slice of death if they do

Ten thousand onlookers issue dread – disappointed moan

18 year old Olympic bronze medalist shouts in his head

Global scoffers drink, eat and belch – you are so invisible

What marvel have you done, Mr. Judge of Life?

Speed, victories, losses – all recorded under proud name

Passion and joy rain on such a wondrous creature

No searching for the end – pure freedom is the race








Must make rent – you know, third job

Mother to an always sleeping boy

I’m so sorry, my beloved son – one day …

Quick shower, coffee, apple – he’s worth it

Catch the cruel bus – super sonic fast 

Baby boy not at home – why? it’s 2am

Must call in sick – slice up your pride

Sorry boss! Can I make it up, later?

Baby, where you been all this time?

Angry boy laughs.  You answer me!

On your knees bitch!  Hell no, pinche carbon!

Rip, beat, screams – demonic red is seen

She’s going to miss the bus – one more crime

Turf war,  bullets fly – quasi-good boys die

Mama wants a shower –  then repeats the rape in the ER

Baby boy – dead weight in the morgue

And the all important rent got paid, this month



When She Says

He will be home, happily

Soon, very soon – a nice dream

Made his favorite dish, perhaps

It’s not that dark – says the window

That clock is broken and useless

I won’t eat without him! Shut up!

No, I haven’t slept! Are you crazy?

He’s out there and terribly hurt

I can feel it, the pain

Called his cell – disconnected

His mom and dad – hung up

Tried his work – no longer there

He’s here! He’s here! Get lost!

I wasn’t talking to anybody, baby

Observing for hours, have you?

Heard two distinct voices?

Hide, hide, rage, rage and flash

Love,  apartment, clothes – vaporized

Will the staff love me, doctor?

I despise it when she says, get lost