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Completely absurd but I am sure of this …

Fine weather was dispatched for us

Torrents too were made for this silly couple

Sky fire, rain and us engulfed in power vortex … splendid

All that is womanly and wrong beyond my flesh

I noticed it and you love it, because your heart is brave

That which was hidden within your touch

I claimed it selfishly for my starving heart

I saw the man you truly are in a sea of nomadic souls

The lovely secrets between us is our treasure

Broken timelines are irrelevant for us

We love imperfectly, passionately, quietly and wholeheartedly

No changes necessary… such is our chemistry




The Elements

Joy of adorned paper torn and crumpled
In treasured corners they lay
Empty boxes too pleasing to discard
Thank you for guarding the gifts
Printed well wishes of joy and sentiment
Merriment filled memories, the sacred goal? Yes?
All charming and lovely, still I want more
My blessed hand in yours is housed perfection
All other elements stand behind My Love

The Perfect Gift

Glad is the heart that beats out pure love – listen my dear
Tingling sensation summoned by lover’s touch – we know it well
There is no jewel that issues greater brilliance than loving eyes
Together is our station in every realm – feel the bond
Our story is constant no matter what comes
God blessed us with each other – giving thanks is a privilege
Loving you is a joy, Merry Christmas my love

Grasping Me

These hands are getting old

Once a brave grabber of frivolous joy

monkey bars, piñata treats – always more

Cute scruffy boys on asphalt grounds

Move on to more sinister quasi-adult

Some booze, smokes – legal and not

Cute loser bad boy – didn’t handle me well

These hands were too damn antsy then

Still  they look nice now to loving ones

Painted nails in silly girl manners

Screw my nonsensical wisdom tonight

Massage-scratch hybrid on my lover’s back

Today, my lively hands know how to act



Rise Up

And the hawks, owls, eagles fervently envy

The height and depth of my flight – am I human

Consuming the fresh air – freedom is brisk

Blink a few times more and see – new truth

Dancing on ethereal floors  – joyful abandon

Awful truth makes the music stop – fear of trouble

Gravity returns from respite – terrible fall

The catalyst to amazing adventures – your love

Slayer of oppressive sorrow – again, your love 

Rise up with me, sweet love


When She Says

He will be home, happily

Soon, very soon – a nice dream

Made his favorite dish, perhaps

It’s not that dark – says the window

That clock is broken and useless

I won’t eat without him! Shut up!

No, I haven’t slept! Are you crazy?

He’s out there and terribly hurt

I can feel it, the pain

Called his cell – disconnected

His mom and dad – hung up

Tried his work – no longer there

He’s here! He’s here! Get lost!

I wasn’t talking to anybody, baby

Observing for hours, have you?

Heard two distinct voices?

Hide, hide, rage, rage and flash

Love,  apartment, clothes – vaporized

Will the staff love me, doctor?

I despise it when she says, get lost 





A Worthy Him

No perfumed steam cloud

drifting into hungry nostrils

No curved silhouette

to grace an unloved bed

No coy morning smile

to arm you – a battler of day

Her man is not you at all

And she is loving a worthy him

Within The Mud

You wish to pluck me? A lovely flower?

I am centered in a foreboding sea

A world of vile, putrid mud

I grow best amongst the unloved

The abhorrent ones in turn love me

Gladly surrendering all

Beauty, fragrance and admiration

To live forever within the mud





Little rich girl, petite and flawless

beauty, she thinks, is like her doll

Museum-like pristine household

clean, crisp and lightly scented

like citrus groves by the shore

Blink into lovely, imperfect daughter

Smudged pixie nose and cheeks

Saintly mother toils with callused hands

scented by double-shift perspiration

and drops of not-in-budget perfume

True beauty lives on little big hugs

and the magic of frivolity

I love you, Mama makes the day disappear

Poor defeated curmudgeon

Encased in a love and peace world

No one is fearful or fighting

All are sated and giving … until

Curmudgeon purposefully states what-ifs

In the end, benevolent flower children

Mutate into trolls void of all scruples

Now, curmudgeon beautifully smiles